Next Billion Ventures backs driven entrepreneurs in global emerging markets who are solving big problems across two themes:

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Empowering individuals:

We invest in entrepreneurs building digital platforms that improve availability / transparency of consumer products and services, including financial services and real estate.

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Enabling business:

We invest in entrepreneurs building software solutions that allow businesses to scale efficiently and better address the needs of their local markets.

Entrepreneurial talent is evenly distributed; access to capital is not.

Entrepreneurs across emerging markets face disproportionately high hurdles during fundraising - time and effort that could be spent reaching underserved consumers and businesses.


The ability to recognize patterns across regions is our strength.

Despite the rich nuances between regions, we see a striking similarity in the problems that entrepreneurs solve and the challenges that they encounter, no matter where in the world they are. 

Entrepreneurship has an outsized impact in emerging markets. 

Purpose-driven technology businesses have improved the lives of millions across our geographies by solving local and traditionally offline problems in scalable, profitable ways.

Our Value-Add:

NBV brings together decades of technology investing experience with a unique network of global investors and operators.


We provide not only capital and domain expertise, but also access to technology ecosystems in the US, Europe, China and beyond. 

Our emerging markets mandate means we are able to quickly transfer learnings across geographies.  We are active with our entrepreneurs to accelerate learning across our portfolio.

Our Impact:

We do not believe there is an economic trade-off between realizing strong financial returns and building sustainable and impactful technology companies.

Our entrepreneurs are building scalable business models that impact millions of lives by:


  • Delivering access to high-quality products and services

  • Serving the needs of the unbanked and underbanked

  • Increasing transactional transparency and efficiency

  • Building digital infrastructure

  • Providing inclusive human capital development